Debug Mode


What happens if the same Excel data is imported twice into Tally?

You might be curious to know how udiMagic handles this? Is the data duplicated or is it overwritten? Well, you can use the udiMagic DEBUG Mode to know what happens behind the scenes.

When you run udiMagic application in Debug mode, it uploads records from Excel into Tally one by one. In debug mode, you can pause the process at any moment to check the status of each record (whether it's created or altered or ignored). This lets you closely monitor the upload process, and you can even inspect the XML tags generated for each record.


If a Master (ex: Ledger) already exists in Tally, it is ignored.
If a Voucher (ex: Sales) already exists in Tally, it is overwritten.

How to run udiMagic in Debug mode?

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