Tally Prime on AWS

To import data in Tally on AWS using udiMagic, you need to configure two things:
a. Self Service Portal (Elcom)
b. Virtual Computer Connection (Elcom)

Here are the STEP-BY-STEP instructions:

STEP 1 - Enable 'Sync with Local Applications' in the Self Service Portal

  1. Login into the Elcom Self Service Portal:
  2. Click the ellipses under Actions > Settings > Advanced Settings
  3. Set Allow synchronising Virtual Office with local applications to Yes
  4. Remarks:
    This will allow the current user, to sync with local applications, when needed. On saving this setting, a message appears prompting you to Select Yes or No.
    1. Select Yes, to allow the current user account to sync with local applications.
    2. Select No, if you do not want to allow the current user to proceed with the sync process. However, at any given time you can give permission to other users to sync with local applications through Manage Users.

STEP 2 - Run the TallyPrime application on the Virtual Computer.

  1. Login into the Elcom Self Service Portal
  2. Run the Tally Prime application in Virtual Computer
  3. Open any company in Tally Prime application

STEP 3 - Install the Latest Virtual Computer Connection (VCC) Client 1.2 in your local Computer

  1. Download and Install VCC Client 1.2 or higher in your local Computer
  2. Open the VCC using your Tally.NET credentials and PIN
  3. Click the Stopped button to start the sync.
  4. Remarks:
    1. The Sync with Local apps status changes to Started (Yellow). Once you open TallyPrime in the Virtual computer, the Sync with Local apps status changes to Started (Green) indicating that TallyPrime in the Virtual Computer is ready to integrate with third-party applications.
    2. You can change the Port Number using the "Settings > Sync Connectivity Information"

STEP 4 - Start udiMagic in your local system (where VCC is running)

  1. In VCC, once the Sync with Local apps status changes to Started (Green), you can start udiMagic
  2. If everything works fine, udiMagic will display the Tally Company Name.

Ensure that the port number in udiMagic and Tally Prime is set as the same.

Sync Option States
The Sync Option has 4 states:
  1. Sync is not established
  2. Sync is established; TallyPrime is not running
  3. Ready to Sync with Tally Prime
  4. Sync connectivity error

Please note that this option must be set as "Ready to Sync with Tally Prime". This relates to VCC (Virtual Computer Connection) application provided by Elcom

Reference : Elcom website