Data Grouping

udiMagic now supports data grouping feature. With this, you can import summarized data from Excel into Tally Prime. Let's see how it works.

SOURCE : Excel sheet with Sales data

  • In the above Excel sheet, there are 5 rows of data.
  • In this, the Item1 appears three times
  • And Item2 appears twice

DESTINATION : Sales data imported in Tally using udiMagic

  • On importing data from Excel to Tally, only two items are imported
  • The Item1 appears once only. (Qty: 3+2+5 Nos = 10 Nos)
  • The Item2 appears once only. (Qty: 6+4 Nos = 10 Nos)


  • The excel data is automatically grouped on Stockitem and imported into Tally.
  • The template 'Vouchers-Sales-Purchase-with-StockItems-Advanced.xls' now supports the data-grouping feature.
  • A new field / column GroupByStockItem has been added in the said template.
  • For your reference, one entry with 'GroupBy' feature has been included in the said template.